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  • We automate Businesses and develop automated Products

    Business Automation = Black Automation

Internet of Things

In today’s connected world, smart devices are essential for optimizing business processes and improving operational efficiency. Our company specializes in integrating IoT hardware to make your business operations seamless and intelligent. Starting with integrating electronic shelf devices into ERP systems up to installing an automated Smart Business system into your office.

Artificial Intelligence

In a world that is rapidly digitizing and automating, your business may be challenged to keep up. Our goal is to enable both small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) and large corporations to optimize and expand their business processes through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). We also develop our own AI applications, which we sell through multiple services.

Business Automation

To free people from unnecessary, tasks, the automation of business processes is becoming increasingly important. Our mission is to not only transform companies through advanced automation, but also to make them future-proof related to the Sustainable Development Goals. We also invest in Businesses which have those characteristics in common.

AI Funding App

This AI App was specifically developed to efficiently support Austrian companies in their search for grants and investors. Our intelligent system analyzes companies project descriptions and quickly and precisely identifies the funding programs or VCs that best suit their specific needs.

Recognition of invoices

The development of an innovative AI accounting web app marks a significant advance in automated invoice recognition. This application allows businesses to simplify and speed up their accounting processes by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

Electronic Shelf Labels

In this project, we helped a customer in the metalworking industry successfully implement digital price tags in their warehouse and in the associated ERP software. This innovative step enables more dynamic and automated pricing as well as improved inventory management.

CEO & Founder

Sebastian Schwarz

Sebastian Schwarz, founder and CEO of Black Automation, brings many years of experience and an innovative approach in the areas of process automation and digitalization.